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Should Your Business Have a Blog?

In today’s world, it’s uncommon to come across a business site that doesn’t have a blog. A blog is where a company can really shine. It’s where a business can provide educational content, resources, and inspiration for website viewers to refer back to. This alone provides more traffic to your website, which is something any business wants!

So, if you’re wondering if your business should have a blog, the answer is: yes. Yes, it should! Blogs are where businesses can really shine and if your business site doesn't have a regularly updated blog, you're missing out.

Reasons EVERY Business Should Have a Blog

Provides Resources

Blogs are a great way to provide your current customers and clients or prospective customers and clients resources they can refer back to. By creating “How to” or “Three Tips On…” posts, you give your customers and clients a place to refer back to when they are looking for inspiration or instructions. This also helps your business be found should someone be searching the web for something that points to your blog.

As an example, let's say that you own a vacation rental company in a coastal town. Somebody searches Google with the keywords, "best places to watch the sunset on Jekyll Island" and if you have written a blog that answers that question (and you should have!) then your website will show in the search results, thus putting your business in front of somebody looking for information about Jekyll Island.

A good content creator will consider terms and phrases that consumers use when searching and utilize those.

Drives Traffic

It’s very simple, the more content you create the more you will show up in search engines. Blogs are the perfect opportunity to strengthen your SEO strategy. By creating fresh and well-written articles that incorporate keywords, images, and videos, you’re boosting your chances of getting seen, generating traffic, and eventually generating leads or sales.

Keeps Your Content Fresh

We believe a blog keeps a business alive. It provides your website page with fresh, new content weekly or monthly which is always a good sight to new customers or clients. Fresh content also helps your rankings with search engines, making it a real win-win.

A Blog is Great for Social Media Exposure

A blog is also a great way to drive traffic and followers on social media pages. It’s also a great reason to post on your social media channels. Every time you write a blog post, you’re creating content that people can easily share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other channels. When you create relatable, engaging, and informative content that carries value, your business will see free exposure and advertising through shares.

Go In-Depth, Educate, and Share Knowledge

Blogs allow for in-depth explanations and teaching about what your products and services can really offer. While you may have a service or product page on your website, the last thing you want to do is fill those pages with so much information that people get bored, lost, or confused with information overload. With a blog, you have a place to be more creative. Maybe a video showing off a product, or a How-To guide? The possibilities are endless.

A blog is where creativity can flow, your brand's voice can shine, and where you can really connect with your current and would-be customers.

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