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How To Write Great Product Descriptions

SEO Product Descriptions

With any type of online business, writing a great product description is a massive part of making your sales. It doesn't matter what type of product or service you are selling. Whether you sell the softest cashmere sweater, rent a luxury vacation rental, set up business software, or run a landscaping company, your description is your future customer's vision. Creating a narrative that will draw your customers in and want your product or service is imperative.

So how do you write a great product description that converts?

Always SEO Your Description

When writing product descriptions, always consider your keywords. Use words that others will put in when searching for your product or service. Put yourself as the consumer and ask, how would I search for this product or service?

Try to stay unique but also focus on keywords that are important in the searches. Your keyword should be in:

  • Page titles

  • Meta descriptions

  • Image tags (called ALT tags)

  • Product descriptions

Use your words to paint a picture. Do not try to over sell the product or service but instead, entice the reader with benefits. Avoid “catch-all” phrases like quality product or superior results. These are generic phrases that everyone uses. Be specific and be creative.

You want your potential customers to know how this product could help them and show them that they have to have it. It can be magnificent. It can be revolutionary. But only if it actually is. A kitchen hand towel probably won’t be but a heat-conducting ice cream scoop certainly is.

Heat-conducting Ice Cream Scoop

Stop buying ice cream scoops because the heat-conducting ice cream scoop is the last one you’ll ever buy. This revolutionary kitchen gadget makes scoping up your favorite dessert easier than ever before.

  • Perfectly scoops ice cream with ease

  • Non-stick enamel coating

  • Heavy-duty aluminum handle with soft grip

  • Made in the USA

No more bent spoons, hurting hands or frustrated digging in the carton of ice cream. Cut through ice cream like a pro with our hassle-free ice cream scoop.

If you can, break up your product description with bold lettering and bullet points. Excellent use for bullet points would be for telling about the features of the products. It is okay to have some paragraph style, but do not overdo it—many of your potential customers will scan through your information. If you are breaking up the text, buyers will be likely to read more of the description.

Completing Your Description

  • Make sure there are no grammar errors

  • Do not copy the manufacturer's description

  • List features but include benefits

  • Use simple terms and natural language

A product description takes the place of somebody holding the item in their hand or speaking to a sales person face to face. It will be the little things that make the difference between a sale and no sale. Make the description count.


If you are in need of expertly crafted product descriptions but want to focus on your business and not writing, contact us today. Our SEO product description writers are standing by. Most clients get their first product descriptions to review within 48-72 hours.

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