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Does SEO Still Matter?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process in getting your website to appear in the results of search engines. SEO can be essential for most businesses as it can help them stand out in a crowded digital world. But some people question if SEO still matters today.

Part of the reason that some people don't believe that SEO is as relevant today is that the algorithm that dictates SEO continues to change, and because of this they think it's not worth their time or effort to stay up to date on the ever-changing SEO trends.

SEO is the main reason people can find your company. People search the internet looking for specific items and using specific phrases. SEO is what matches the user's inputs to your posts. So, without good SEO on your website and blog, the person searching for information will have a hard time finding your website.

A large part of any SEO is the keywords that you use in your posts. There is a right practice when it comes to using keywords, and keyword stuffing can come with a penalty. But keywords are only a portion of good SEO work.

You need to connect with your audience, share something of value, make the words sound like your brand personality, make sure grammar and spelling are correct – and then there are the algorithms.

It does not matter how nice your website is or how user friendly it is. If you do not have the SEO, no one will be able to use it because they can't find it. And this goes for all of your online presence. Your website, your blog posts, and your social media.

SEO is still an essential part of any online business. Even though the algorithms that decide how it all comes together are constantly changing, SEO remains a vital part of any company. SEO combined with the right keywords and phrases is a valuable tool to help your potential clients find you in an internet search. Understanding your target audience, how they think, how they search and sharing relevant, engaging content is essential.

If you want the best chance possible to have great content that is perfectly optimized, we're here to help.

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