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8 Tips for Creating Killer Website Content

Today, anyone can create a website, but it’s the great websites that grab the viewers’ attention within seconds and keeps their attention on the page long enough to sell them on your products, services, or any resources you may be able to provide them. So, creating the website isn’t the challenge, it's creating the killer website content that is.

The best websites are written and designed with the user’s perspective in mind. So enough about only trying to make your page look pretty, that’s only a small task of what you have to do. If you’re looking to create a website that will not only make a great first impression but will turn your viewers into buyers, stay with us.

Today, we’re sharing eight tips for creating killer website content that you will definitely want to hold onto.

Write clearly and concisely - When creating your website content be sure you are keeping your sentences and information concise and that you're getting straight to the point. The last thing a visitor wants to do is sift through an entire essay just to find what they are looking for. We recommend using subheadings and short paragraphs and sentences.

Provide easy navigation - The ease with which a visitor navigates around your site has an impact on how long the visitor stays on your page and how your website ranks on search engines. Your navigation menu should be descriptively labeled to minimize the amount of work your visitors have to do to find what they are looking for. Additionally, you should include your navigation menu on every page so that users can explore your website without having to go back to the home page every time.

Incorporate keywords throughout your content - Incorporating keywords that are relevant to your product or industry is extremely important for ranking on Google. Keywords help search engines to identify and categorize your web pages for indexing, but that doesn’t mean overdo it with one keyword because then you will just outrank yourself. Make the killer content you are creating worth it and beneficial by incorporating keywords!

Make sure your landing page pops - This is your business’ first impression so it needs to be top-notch. Be sure your landing page is clean, easy to navigate, informative, and eye-catching. It should evoke a feeling of trust right away. Your landing page content and layout will make a big impression within seconds. Make it count.

Make it perfect and check for errors - One of the most common mistakes when it comes to creating your website content is not checking for errors. It is extremely unprofessional if your site has spelling or grammatical errors, pictures misplaced, or links that don’t work. Think about it, you could lose a customer if they can’t click on your “contact us” button.

Images and videos help engage - This is where you can incorporate your eye-catching material and work a little on your website design. While your writing content is important, so are your pictures and videos! After all, these are the first things your viewers see!

Show and tell - “People always buy from people.” So, show you and your team’s faces! Your viewers want to see who’s behind the brand and put a face to the voice and the content. Show them that there are real people behind all of the information.

Have a clear “Call to Action” - This is important because you could easily lose potential customers if you do not have a clear CTA. Whether you want them to contact you, register for the newsletter, or download something, your “CTA” should be noticeably clickable. They shouldn’t have to be searching for it.

Creating a website is as easy as clicking on a template, but those aren't the businesses that stay ahead of their competition. We hope these tips help you create killer content for your site so you can have a website that consumers love.

Need help creating website content? Reach out to us today. We'd love to assist!

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