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3 Common Mistakes Made By Businesses On Social Media

There is almost no industry that would not benefit from the use of social media marketing in today’s world. Worldwide, there are 3.80 billion social media users and that number increases daily. Your audience is hanging out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and maybe even Twitter. If you’re there with them, great! But are you using social media for your business in the right way? Let's take a look at a few common mistakes some businesses make so you can discover if you're making them too.

Mistake One: Posting too much or not enough

There’s not a fine line between the two nor is there a science to the correct amount of posting. But if you are constantly sharing and posting things of little value to your readers, you’ll likely lose them. Posting too little can hurt you in a different way. Because of social media algorithms, the less you post, the less you’ll show in feeds when you do post. It's a nasty cycle that spins on repeat.

So, how many times a day should a business post to social media? Studies show that once per day is optimal, with two times a day maximum. And a business should have a minimum of three posts a week. Sharing is a bit different. Sharing posts that are relevant to your followers can increase your engagement, as can interacting with relevant posts by other businesses or in groups. Creating a social media schedule can go a long way in helping a business stay on top of their posts.

Mistake Two: Spamming your followers

Nobody gets on social media hoping for a sales pitch. It’s supposed to be a fun place to go; a place to mindlessly scroll, engage with people and spend a few moments of time (that often turns into hours). If you have an endless stream of sales pitches going out on your social media every day, you’re spamming your followers and you'll likely see them exiting in droves. Instead, follow the 80/20 rule of social media.

Simply put, 80% of your posts should be fun, entertaining, and informative with no marketing pitch attached. 20% can involve a direct marketing pitch or sell.

Mistake Three: Not tracking social media metrics

Following the number of likes or retweets that your post gets isn’t enough to track how well your social media campaign is going. When you track the metrics of your posts you can better understand your followers and what they engage with. If you notice that every video you post is shared and commented on, then you know that you need to create more videos for your followers. If you realize that your weekly Throwback Thursday posts aren’t doing anything, it may be time to scrape it off of your social calendar.

Other common mistakes made in social media marketing include

  • Not responding to comments in a timely manner

  • Creating blatantly obvious template responses

  • Ignoring negative comments and reviews

It’s essential to not only post the right amount each week, but to post the right content, engage with your users properly, and track the metrics so you know what works and what doesn’t. If you need help getting started, contact H2H Marketing today.

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